Harley Bari-Care Designer Sculptured Cushion 56x56x15cm – Made to Order

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Dimensions:- 56x46x15cm. VAT is removed if you declare disabled or chronically sick in checkout. See VAT Exemption page for detail.

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A truly superb product. – Sculptured base including raised front provides correct positioning and controls forward thrust to maintain posture and ensure stability – 3-part construction relieves pressure and prevents bottoming out – Firm foam base fused to a sculptured middle layer of highdensity polyurethane foam – Sculptured top layer of ultra visco elastic memory foam offers hugely improved pressure reduction and relief – Controls sliding and lateral leaning whilst ensuring optimum comfort – Supplied with Harley Premium Dartex waterproof / VP cover – welded seams, anti slip base – Other options available. Suitable patients up to high risk (with appropriate nursing care). Please note that this product can normally be manufactured by our UK supplier and be available within 2/3 days of receiving your order.