For those needing a little extra support to get about, we stock a range of walking sticks, walking frames, and wheeled rollators.

If a simple walking cane is enough support for you, then there is a wide selection of canes to choose from. Try different handle shapes to see which you find most comfortable, and choose a colour to suit your own style.

Walking frames are sturdy fixed frames that can be lent on to assist safe movement around a home. Some have wheels on the front legs to help with ease of movement.

Rollators are wheeled frames that are ideal for getting out and about. There are several different sorts, from compact 3 wheelers, to large 4 wheelers with off-road style wheels!


At Independent Living Consultants we understand that choosing a wheelchair is a big step for many people. We take time to assess your requirements, to ensure we find a chair suitable for you:

  • How long will the user be sitting in the chair at any one time?
  • What type of terrain will it need to cover?
  • What weight limit is required?
  • Will the wheelchair need to be lifted into a car, and by whom?
  • Does the user have any special requirements, such as reclining seat, or raised leg position?

Powered Wheelchairs

A power chair offers more freedom and independence than a manual wheelchair, especially for those who perhaps don’t have the strength to propel themselves for much distance.

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